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Collections; (Boneless One) Vintage Skateboards 1980’s

What does it mean to have a collection? Nowadays people collect things and don’t even know why their even collecting them. Well Boneless One (as he likes to call himself) is one to be admired for his collection of old school skateboards. Click continued for write up and photos.

To shed some light on his collection he has been doing this since 1986; he grew up skateboarding and has had an appreciation for the culture from a young age. Each and every deck that you see has meaningful significance and it’s beautiful to see “Boneless One” break down the history of each piece that he owns. Many props to Boneless One for sticking to what he loves and still having a great love and appreciation for skateboarding. Just to clear the air and save you some time none of these decks are for sale so don’t even bother asking! Here is a write up from his Flickr account:

To me Old School Skateboarding is a whole lifestyle, and it’s cliche these days. There is more to collecting than purchasing bunch of old crap from ebay.

But first let me get one thing straight:

None of the boards are for sale. “No” means “No”. Like the band i never liked.
Read and understand this: I will not respond to requests to sell something. I will ignore and remove those comments right away. Same goes with private messages asking me to sell stuff, i will delete them without response because i am not a shop, i am a collector and i want to keep my stuff that means i am not interested in selling. Are we clear? Thank You.


Hi, i am currently 34 years old and I started skateboarding back in 1986. I quit active skating around 1991 but the love for skateboarding and skateboards always remained.

By the end of the 90’s i got back into skateboarding as well as collecting old school skateboards which brought back all those great memories so it was only logical to pick up skateboarding from where i left.

Only this time we’re talking about getting back to mid-80’s, not 90’s. We’re talking about Bonelesses, Berts, Rock-n-rolls, Acid drops, Street Slides, and just plain street thrashing and occasional downhill stylin’. I mean just look at my skateboarding photos.
I have absolutely no interest in new school tricks or boards and yes, I am hopelessly stuck in the 80’s in my skateboarding skills but i don’t mind. I like it better here anyway. The ollie-based skating on a scaled down popsicle isn’t for me. I have an x-ray photo of my broken elbow to prove that. 🙂

I also have small collection of 70’s boards as well for the appreciation, but since i was born in ‘73 i sort of missed the 70’s skateboard wave. 80’s was my era.

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