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Steal The Look: Jessica Biel

When it comes to Jessica Biel, all we seem to hear lately is speculation about whether or not she and Justin Timberlake are over, still together, “complicated,” etc. In the midst of all this obsession with her personal life, I feel like her awesome style doesn’t get enough credit.

In a recent interview, JB said that while glam gowns and makeup are fun for the red carpet, her true, go-to style is casual and laid-back. And hey, more power to her, since she’s always comfortable and still manages to look like a million bucks.

The outfit in this photo is exactly that–comfy and fabulous. Denim shorts, which are quickly reclaiming the title of must-have summer staple, are great with simple basics like solid-colored tanks and sleeveless open cardigans. Together, the look is half structured and half what I call “loosey-goosey”–that’s StealThisDress speak for loose and flowy.

Knee-high, suede tall boots for small calves in a muted color instantly take this casual look up a notch. If it’s already too hot for boots even at night time where you live, complete this look with a suede sandal. And to make it appropriate for nighttime, heeled sandals and a clutch are a great choice.


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