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Home for the Holidays: CASH CA 2014 Holiday Collection

Clearly, we’ve been away for the holidays. But don’t think we’ve just been living the panda life (eating, sleeping, and getting fat), we’ve been on the lookout for the great trends of 2015, including this collection by CASH CA.

The trend towards full streetwear ready apparel is no longer a trend, it’s a known commodity. British brand CASH CA, headed by Kazuki Kuraishi, to churn out apparel that’s both comfortable and functional. The brand’s latest release sees a number of outerwear pieces and winter-appropriate garbs that coincide with the British label’s laid-back sensibility. Pair the sweaters with well-fitted denim and dressier shoes or boots if you can swing them. The look shows that you’re put together, but sneakily good at hiding the weight you gained over Christmas.

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