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All Hands On Deck: Jean-Michel Basquiat x The Skateroom

Be honest. You only know Jean-Michel Basquiat because Jay-Z mentioned him in a few of his tracks. It’s okay. We won’t revoke your ‘cultured’ pass.

Regardless, the legend of Basquiat continues to live on, as evidenced by Hova and now, The Skateroom‘s collaborative effort with the late artist’s estate. As a result of their ambitious endeavour, a series of unique, Basquiat-inspired skatedecks have been produced.

The skatedecks include such works as Gold Griot, In Italian and Quality Meats for the Public, among others. The boards are currently being shown at the MoMa locations in New York, and at colette in Paris. They will also be available for purchase beginning January 7 on The Skateroom’s webshop.

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