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Dan Tobin Smith: The First Law of Kipple

Sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick termed the endless clutter that builds up in the course of our lives as “kipple.” This word perfectly describes the art installation that Dan Tobin Smith has meticulously assembled to bring to life the nightmare of every mother that is raising a teen in North America.

At first, it may seem that Smith has simply grabbed a bunch of junk, flung it around the room, and quickly spray-painted the objects to get the desired effect. But upon closer inspection, the items remain untouched.

It is Smith’s discerning eye that separates each individual hue of colour into a coordinated installation. But if this installation is about chaos, what’s up with the pathways? Well, quite frankly, the first law of kipple is… non-kipple drives out kipple. And the second law of kipple is… DO NOT EVER talk about how non-kipple drives out kipple.

Greg Washington :Washington may be one of the most popular names in American history but this particular Washington is undoubtedly one of a kind. Hailing from the biggest borough in Toronto, this Scarborough native spent the first half of his life glued to the hardwood before he found his true calling in design.