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Tree-Top Trekking: The Tower House

Designed by architecture firm Gluck+, the Tower House is a vacation home that minimizes its environmental footprint and places the living spaces above the treetops surrounding it.

Moving up the structure, each of the first three floors has one private suite and a bathroom. The top floor is where the real meat of the house lies, containing the living areas and providing overlooking views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The glass staircase leading to the top is also illuminated at night but surrounded by reflective panes in the to hide the Tower House’s presence during the day. The backdoor is painted dark green to camouflage the entranceway.

If you like this house I hope you have strong legs, because bringing the groceries from the bottom floor to the rooftop kitchen is going to be a trek.

Clairre Hughes :After almost three years as an intern and over six years working as an environmental scientist, Clairre Hughes is a well-known spokesperson, applying the lessons he has learned throughout his various expeditions to talk about leadership, problem solving, teamwork, change management and goal setting in an organisational context.