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Always Bragging About His Hustle

One of the greatest rappers of all time once stated: “You can’t knock the hustle,” which is true… if you’ve already made it. But for you serial Twitter grinders and up-to-date Instagram exercisers, ya’ll are just playing nicky nine doors. Not that we don’t respect the hustle, we just don’t need to be reminded that we should respect yours… constantly.

We get it. You hustle harder than Rick Ross running to the buffet line after they call his table number at a wedding. Good for you. But announcing that you’re always on your grind doesn’t mean we’re impressed by it. You reap what you sow, so spread your seeds wisely playboy. Instead of those 11 Twitter messages flooding my timeline at 4 a.m. ending with, “The only people doing work right now are me, you and Michael Jordan”, how about you just buckle down and do some work? Or for that Instagrammer that takes a picture of a staircase announcing they could have taken the elevator, but decided to conquer 242 steps to the 19th floor instead, thanks for making us feel fat.

Twitter grinder, save the inspirational quotes for yourself. Instagram exerciser, let us see the before and after results like an infomercial, we don’t want to see every individual development of not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six… abs. It’s true, champions of success are made behind the scenes, but their B-roll shots translate into an A-game. Unless you’re a public speaker, talking about it is never actually grinding.


Clairre Hughes :After almost three years as an intern and over six years working as an environmental scientist, Clairre Hughes is a well-known spokesperson, applying the lessons he has learned throughout his various expeditions to talk about leadership, problem solving, teamwork, change management and goal setting in an organisational context.