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A Sweet Science: Zign “Fight Night” Shoes

If dressing well has become too synonymous with being effeminate, I can see why Zign decided to “man-up” some brogues by putting them in the ring.

Although, I’m sure Manny Pacquiao would disagree that brogues and dress shoes are advantageous for a fighter. After all, he reportedly injured his shins walking around in all those dress shoes as he was running for political office in the Philippines. Which begs the question… why not just walk around in a suit and sneakers? Will people NOT vote for you in the Philippines because you don’t wear dress shoes? Do you hold so little clout Manny, that a pair of flyknits would keep you out?

Anyways… Zign’s shoes are nice. The brand is from Germany, which should mean as much as saying something is from Japan: High quality, great construction, classic silhouettes.

But we all want to see Pacquiao versus Mayweather. Hey, you guys were the one who wanted to talk about boxing. Ha.

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