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Athlete’s World: Exploring The ‘Perfect’ Physique

The notion of a perfect physique is of course, relative. A perfect physique is different for a boxer than say a sumo wrestler. So which one appeals to you most?

Photographer Paul Calver and art director Gem Fletcher celebrates what the pair deem “the perfectly imperfect form of an athlete’s body.” It’s clear the form of a particular athlete is determined by their function, whether related to speed, endurance, strength, or as a showcase.

Although each body is unique in its own right, each are pushed to the physical limits of the sport they are involved in.

Much like the ESPN Bodies issue has showcased these last few years, the “perfect athlete” is a relative term full of different shapes, oblongs, squares, and a few that are shaped like douches on the inside. I’m looking at you, Alex Rodriguez.

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