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Guinness Africa Ad: #MadeofBlack

Ok, ok, ok. Guinness is a beer. Should they really be getting political? If you have Kanye playing as your soundtrack, the short answer is: yes.

In its new social media campaign, Guinness asks black users to share selfies with the hashtag #madeofblack to show to the world their real talent. From Lagos, to Accra via Cape Town to Nairobi, Gaborone and Johannesburg, The ad features Phyno, Octopizzo, Bez, Ajuma, Cyrus Kabiru, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Chude Jideonwo, and Peter James Obon (all of whom admittedly, I’ve never heard of until the Guinness site rectified my ignorance), each holding significant sway in modern day African culture. The director Sam Brown chose Kanye West’s “Blkkk Skkkn Head” song to make a statement. It was more like a wake-up call.

Be sure to click some of the profiles at the end of the video for some real inspiration.

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