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8 Valid Reasons Why You Need Primer

Makeup is just like painting: with a primer as a base layer, you get a more beautiful and longer lasting result! A primer is a kind of primer under your makeup. If you already use a day cream and foundation, can you ask if it’s necessary to use a primer? The answer to that question is that it may be useful, especially if you have a slightly mature or older skin.

What can skin type use Primer and why should you use it?

“Each skin type may benefit from a primer” — Booty Pop

In dry skin, a primer ensures that the makeup does not look dry and granular so quickly. With oily skin, the makeup stays longer because the primer prevents skin fat from mixing with the powder, which quickly fades and disappears. Also, a primer causes the skin to shine less quickly.

1. A primer fixes your foundation

Primer is a base layer that allows you to work out your foundation smoothly. The primer ensures a better bonding, so your foundation stays beautiful and fresh throughout the day. If you have dry skin, choose a slightly more primer. In winter, if the air is cold and dry, your fresh glow may have disappeared within a few hours.

2. A primer fades your pores, wrinkles, and irregularities

If you have a fat or mixed skin and your pores are visible, a primer like Lancôme La Base Pro Pore Eraser can make a difference. It puts a “filling” layer on your skin so that the color pigments of your foundation no longer crawl into your pores or in fine lines. Your skin immediately looks much more even. Another advantage: because primer makes your skin evener, acne is less common. Apply this primer only to those places where your pores are visible. Usually, this will be the T-zone: forehead, nose, and chin.

3. A primer reflects light

Because a primer makes your skin soft and smooth, the light reflects extra well. It looks like your skin lights up. Also, lines and wrinkles are thereby optically less visible. Use your fingertips to apply the primer. This way you can work the layer in your skin.

4. A primer has a color correction effect

If your skin has many red tones, then a primer is the way to correct it. Use the green concealer Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correction Fluid Green in places where your skin looks red like your cheeks or your nose, or mix it with your regular primer when your whole face looks red. After that, you can apply your usual foundation, but first, allow the primer to dry for a few minutes to attach the product well.

5. A primer has a mating effect

A fat or mixed skin tends to glow over the course of the day. A matting primer such as Black Up Mattering Base will counteract excessive sebum production, which will keep your skin fresh and matte. Also for this primer applies: you can implement it on your whole face, or just in the places that will shine quickly. Be economical with your primer! A minimal amount is already enough. You won’t get the smooth effect if too much.

6. A primer extends your eyelashes

There are also primers for your eyelashes. They lay a base layer around each eyelash, making it all the time thicker and longer. After that you bring your mascara, it seems like you have twice as many eyelashes. Primer ensures that your mascara stays a lot longer.

7. A primer does not leave your lipstick anymore

Lip primers have two big advantages: they make your lips smoother, so you can apply your lipstick effortlessly. Little wrinkles, therefore, fall less. Also, they make any lipstick longer lasting. This will allow your lips to stay wet all day. A lip primer intensifies the color of your lipstick. So check if the color you’re always wearing is not too bad.

8. A primer fixes all your eye shadow

Does your eye shadow always tend to run out of your eye paw? Or would you like to wear an eye shadow with glitters?

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