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A Glacier Adrift: Handsoaps by William Lee

Designer William Lee has created a set of handcrafted glacier-inspired soaps for Young Stellar Object. No polar bears were hurt during the making of this project.

The soaps resemble the massive bodies of water that have been travelling round the world since the beginning of time. Aptly named, A Glacier Adrift, the soaps come in a set of three, each piece being small, medium or large.

A large percentage of the proceeds from the soaps gets donated to 1% for the Planet, Stopglobalwarming.org, or The Climate Reality, charities all endorsed by Al Gore.

Greg Washington :Washington may be one of the most popular names in American history but this particular Washington is undoubtedly one of a kind. Hailing from the biggest borough in Toronto, this Scarborough native spent the first half of his life glued to the hardwood before he found his true calling in design.