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Get It Write: Developing a Typeface Using Everyone’s Handwriting

Bic is currently conducting a massive worldwide survey to study everyone’s handwriting, find the average mean of each stroke of the alphabet, and come up with a universal typeface to be shared by all.

On the Universal Typeface Experiment’s Site, you can contribute your own handwriting on an easy-to-use form designed for touchscreens on phones or tablets. After being asked to write each capital letter, you will then be asked a few questions (gender, age, country), and the results will be added to the pile to come up with a new “universal” typeface.

The new typeface, which is scheduled to be finished in August, will be hardpressed to please everyone. As the early results have shown, women, men, children and country all have differing writing habits and tendencies. As shown, differing countries naturally write letters thinner or wider, with age often contributing to the writing becoming messier or more exaggerated in its curvature.

Let’s hope the result is as much of a game changer as Helvetica. But it would be funny if the type ended up being Comic Sans The Sequel.


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