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You Need Some Cheese For This Cottage

Architecture firm MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple has put together this great cottage off the coast of Nova Scotia.

With a rustic exterior and an ultra-modern interior, this cottage is the perfect blend of comfort and ruggedness.
A symmetrical exterior gives the house great curb appeal, considering that the curb is the beaches and waves of the Atlantic ocean.

Dealing with the elements is a real factor when building a house on the coast of Nova Scotia, hence the polished concrete floors in case a flood comes through.

Even if this house’s elevated ceilings, wood beams, and spectacular views all cost a pretty penny, great taste is always a priceless asset to own.

Greg Washington :Washington may be one of the most popular names in American history but this particular Washington is undoubtedly one of a kind. Hailing from the biggest borough in Toronto, this Scarborough native spent the first half of his life glued to the hardwood before he found his true calling in design.