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New to the Playground: Glass Labyrinth by Robert Morris

If you haven’t been to Kansas City before, you’ve surely never heard of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s sculpture park. The newest addition is the Glass Labyrinth by Robert Morris.

Measuring out at an imposing 62x62x62 feet, this Glass Labyrinth situated as a permanent art installation in Kansas City is disorienting and just plain fun when you’re caught up in it. Instead of the traditional square or circle labyrinth, Morris designed the streamlined structure to be triangular in shape.

Unlike a maze with different paths to the entry and exit points, a labyrinth is designed to have only one path that leads you to the centre. As a contrast to the usual harrowing halls, the walls are clear allowing the user to keep their eye focus on the target while simultaneously distracting them form the task at hand.

If you get caught up in the labyrinth and are worried you might never find your way out, the museum placed a guard on the outside to lead you to your escape, just in case. It’s better than finding a Minotaur at the centre, that’s for sure.

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