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Celebrity Hair Plugs – Who Had Hair Transplants?

Us humans have the inherent desire to improve the way we look. We are always looking around for a way to makes ourselves look better so that we can feel better about ourselves. When we’re not watching our weight, we’re watching our tan. When we’re not watching our tan, we’re watching our wrinkles. When we’re not watching our wrinkles, we’re watching our hair. And it just goes on like that! But let’s face it, the thing that concerns us the most is our hair. When we start losing that, we feel powerless. Like mother nature is stripping us of our virility.

The problem with hair loss is that you cannot really do anything about it. Part of it is genetics. And genetics are very hard to combat. With excess weight, at least you can put yourself on a diet and start exercising. While a healthy diet might make your hair healthier, it is hardly an effective way of stopping your hair loss. Let alone reverse it! So what are you going to do if you absolutely have to have your hair back, or at least some of it? A great solution would be to go for reputable hair supplements. But for others, the only viable option available is the hair transplant. This is an invasive type of surgery that aims to restore hair where it once grew but has now been lost.

Celebrity Hair Plugs

Many celebrities have had hair restoration surgery. And can you blame them? Their appearance is what pretty much drives their entire careers. If they lose their looks, they lose their jobs. Not to mention their fame and glory. Hair loss has a way of completely changing one’s looks. A hairline frames the face and has a large impact on general appearance. Hair transplants are costly procedures, but if anybody has plenty of money… it’s Hollywood movie stars! And these people are more than happy to spend some cash on a couple of hair transplants if they feel they need to.

One good example of a celebrity who has hair plugs, is Matt Lauer. He is the longtime host of the Today show. His hair has been under the spotlight for many years in a row. It didn’t leave much to the imagination when he went from bald to not so bald! Then there is Matthew McConaughey, the handsome actor loved by females all over the world. His new hairline has restored his youthful male virility to him. The hair loss community has been greatly inspired ever since by Matthew and his excellent hair transplant results!

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