About Us

Since 2005 Inqmind has continued to evolve, becoming an integral and trusted voice for ideas that span across multiple categories, all the while maintaining a sharp focus on men’s fashion. Inqmind’s in-depth and hand crafted editorial pieces have allowed them to grow beyond their small Canadian audience to inspire a global following, who share the same creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as the brand itself, earning them the respect of leading brands worldwide.

Michael Bercasio

Founder/Editorial Director — Unknown to many and endorsed by no one, this hybrid Filipino-Canadian was born and raised east of Toronto, Canada. Influenced by Michael Jordan, Stan Lee, and Scoop Jackson, he is a purveyor of creative editorial, quality journalism and collaborative ideas. He stays current on sport stats and has a savory palette for the finest American bourbon, but he enjoys nothing more than the production behind magazine editorial. And above all else, he is a believer in keeping it real at all times.

Greg Washington

Washington may be one of the most popular names in American history but this particular Washington is undoubtedly one of a kind. Hailing from the biggest borough in Toronto, this Scarborough native spent the first half of his life glued to the hardwood before he found his true calling in design. Today you can find him nowhere, as he spends most of his days locked away in front of his computer serving up the graphic goodness you’ve come to expect from Inqmind.