Binding Books Papers Can Be Made Easy

Binding documents is a regular necessity for most businesses. Binding machines are often essential for this purpose. Comb binding is an efficient and hence popular method of binding files and books. It is also called surelox or cerlox binding. Plastic, round spines are used to make about 19 rings or 21 rings depending on the size of the paper and a puncher is used to make rectangular holes into the paper.

comb binding

Machines for Binding

There are a lot of machines available for binding purpose in the market. The Fellowes Star+150 is one of them, which has a desktop footprint, and has a folding design. Other comb binding machines include C800pro binder by Swingline GBC which can take heavy duty, another one is the TB-C20A which is pocket friendly, and also offers great durability plus it is easy to use. It can punch about 20 sheets at the same time. Apart from these there are also comb openers which can come handy in case of a mistake. RENZ PBS-340 can be used separately or attached with a binding machine. It can work both ways. With a binding machine it can be your all-in-one product.

There is also the DFG TitanComb machine for binding. This is another heavy-duty machine and an all-manual binder. It can be used by offices efficiently. Stores which provide binding services can also make good use of this comb binding machine. In addition to all its capacities it can also punch 28 pages at the same time.

There is also an OfficeComb version of this. But this one is made for light duty and can be used at home for lesser pressure. This can punch 15 sheets at the same time and the side margin is adjustable. Price books, manuals are things that are best prepared by this machine.

However there are also ways of binding a document without a comb binding machine or any machine whatsoever.

Spiral Coils

You can use pre punched paper and insert the coil manually. Coil crimpers can be used to cut off the excess, and although it is a little more time consuming you will still get good results.

Screw Posts

These are a great choice for binding manually without a machine; a standard punch can be used to create one or more holes as desired. All you have to do is insert the screw post into the whole and you are done.comb binding machine

Looseleaf Rings

This too can be used along with a standard punching tool, and the method is similar to the previous method. Just insert the ring into the hole. Then you have to squeeze it to close it and your document will be ready and professional looking.

Report Covers And Slide Bars

These are available in most stationaries and office stores. They are extremely easy to use, and have two pieces, the bar is a plastic one and has a thin opening, the cover has a crease at the spine. All you have to do is slide the papers into the cover, and the bar on to the spine, and secure the sheets.

Comb binding is a fast machine binding process and the above mentioned manual binding processes will not be a good option for you if you are in a time crunch. However all of these will produce quality documents. Catch more info here!