I know where you’d rather be right about now

The climate here in Toronto has been especially “wintery” as of late. Lots of snow, and extreme windchill. So it’s that much more exciting to be able to tell you guys that I’m getting the hell out of here. 

For the next two weeks, myself and a few other familiar faces will be perusing around the beautiful country of Malasia. I can’t disclose too many details just yet, but rest assured we’ve got a full itinerary planned. We’re not wasting ANY time while we’re out there.

At the moment, all I can say is that you’ll probably want to follow Inqmind on Instagram because I’ll be posting images throughout the trip and I can assure you, I ain’t no slouch behind the lens. And if for some reason you’re not on (or hate) Instagram, and can’t/don’t want to follow us (I know how you like to keep your “following” numbers to a minimum). We’ll be doing a full recap when I return… if you can wait that long 😮